Course title: Mothballing Historic Buildings
Instructors: Katherine Wonson
Dates: May 22, 2018
Location: Grand Teton National Park
Course Description: In this field-based course, attendees will collaboratively develop a plan to “mothball” (closing up building to slow down the process of deterioration) four historic buildings at Sky Ranch in Grand Teton National Park. Sky Ranch is a National Register historic district which has been slated for stabilization. Working in small groups led by local architects and run in the spirit of a design studio, attendees will learn the basics of stabilizing historic structures and ensuring that they do not deteriorate until a future long-term plan is developed and implemented.
Credit Designation: HSW
Learning units: 6
Course format: Instructor led face-to-face
Learning Objectives:
1: Investigate how to assess deterioration in historic buildings.
2: Explore measures to stabilize deteriorating historic buildings, and apply these measures in the service of "mothballing" historic buildings to protect historic fabric indefinitely.
3: Create stabilization plans which specifically address health and human safety issues--for instance, how to ensure buildings have adequate ventilation, and how to mitigate pest infiltration during the full duration of their mothballing lifestage.
4: Collaboratively problem solve micor- and severe-climate issues as they relate to mothballing historic structures.
Primary Point of Contact: Mary Humstone, Board Member, AHW. 970 420 5275. humstone@uwyo.edu.
Cost for credits: $100