Course title: Documentation and Condition Assessment
Instructors: Harrison Goodall (Conservation Solutions Inc.); Rachel Adler (NPS)
Dates: June 20 – 22
Location: Mt. Rainier National Park
Course Description: This course, a 3-day workshop held in Mt. Rainier National Park, will lead students through the process of documenting and assessing the condition of historic structures for future historic preservation initiatives. Relying on readily available documentation tools and using structures located in Mount Rainier National Park, students will learn proper field recording and methods for identifying, presenting, and prioritizing condition. Students will learn the importance of selecting proper recording tools based on the historical significance and function of the structure.
Credit Designation: LU
Learning units: 8
Course format: Instructor led face-to-face
Learning Objectives:
1: Understand the role that document and condition assessment play in historic preservation and adaptive use projects.
2: Practice identifying character-defining features of historic buildings, and methods for documenting and recording these features.
3: Understand the process of preparing a condition assessment.
4: Learn the process of transferring field data to a finished product for distribution.
Primary Point of Contact: Carly-Ann Anderson, Executive Director, AHW. 307 333 3508. ExecDirector@HistoricWyoming.org.
Cost for Credits: $300.00

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