Course title: Moisture Management in Historic Buildings and New Assemblies
Instructor: Bill Turner (Turner Building Science & Design)
Dates: August 29-31
Location: Grand Teton National Park
Course Description: One of the leading causes of rapid deterioration in historic structures and new assemblies is water; as vapor, liquid, or in solid form.  This course will examine moisture-related building issues as found in various foundations, walls, roof structures, and interior spaces.  It will address evaluating the cause of suspected moisture damage or mold; designing effective drainage; the use of vapor and air barriers; considerations for adaptive reuse; and implementing moisture monitoring protocols.  Hands-on evaluation and problem solving components are planned. The three-day course will include both classroom training (theory and case studies of moisture damage in historic buildings) and field-based training (evaluating and documenting moisture issues at White Grass Dude Ranch and Jenny Lake Crandall Studio buildings). The course content includes the following HSW topics: Building Systems (structural); Environmental (weatherproofing, insulation); Occupant Comfort (air quality, ventilation); Materials and Methods (systems, products, finishes); and Preservation. Free lodging is provided in Grand Teton National Park.
Credit designation: HSW
Learning units: 12; total hours 24
Course format: Instructor led face-to-face
Learning Objectives:
1:    Define moisture dynamics and the driving forces of wetting and drying in various building materials, and the impact on overall systems
2:     Identify causes of moisture damage and design remedies
3:     Conduct field measurements of moisture and implement moisture monitoring protocols
4:     Learn about basic issues of Radon and ventilation
Primary Point of Contact: Carly-Ann Anderson, Executive Director, AHW. 307 333 3508. ExecDirector@HistoricWyoming.org.
Cost for credits: $500.00

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