* Important note about the Historic Architecture Assistance Fund:

The Alliance for Historic Wyoming will not be offering the Historic Architecture Assistance Fund until further notice. The program is still available through the Wyoming Business Council.

Historic Architecture Assistance Fund

Do you own a historic building? Are you interested in rehabilitating it but don’t know where to start? Then the Historic Architecture Assistance Fund Grant program is for you!

About the Program

The Historic Architecture Assistance Fund connects historic preservation architects and engineers with historic building owners, helping owners address rehabilitation issues with a plan that both honors the building’s past and meets the owner’s future needs. The program is offered by the Alliance for Historic Wyoming in partnership with Wyoming Main Street and the Wyoming State Historic Preservation Office, and is made possible by a grant from the Wyoming Cultural Trust Fund.

Who can apply?

Historic Architecture Assistance Fund grants are available to all owners of historic buildings, including private property owners, nonprofit corporations, and government agencies.  The grants are given for historic buildings (generally understood to be over 50 years of age) in need of rehabilitation, whose owners intend to maintain or restore the historic integrity of their property.  Download an application here

What does the grant cover? And what doesn‘t it cover?

Historic Architecture Assistance Fund grants are intended to answer the critical first questions that arise when considering a project: is it feasible, what needs to be done, what steps should be taken, approximately what will it cost? Services might include a building assessment, structural analysis, analysis of building code and ADA requirements, feasibility study for reuse or recommendations for rehabilitation of exterior features. Grants are for planning only (not construction) and the fund is not intended to pay for all architectural and engineering costs associated with a project. Grants cannot be used for remodeling projects that would change the character of the historic building.


interested in applying? Download an application.


A few additional notes…

•    All properties will be treated as historic, which means eligible for listing on the National Register of Historic Places, and therefore proposed work will meet the Secretary of Interior’s Standards for Rehabilitation.
•    All applications must be completed and signed by the property owner or a representative of a board or similar group that owns and manages the property.
•    All final reports will be available upon request as a means to share information about the best approach to historic property rehabilitation projects. Applicants agree to this potential sharing of information about their property when they submit an application.

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The Historic Architecture Assistance Fund began as a joint program of the Wyoming Main Street Program and Wyoming State Historic Preservation Office in 2009. From 2009 to 2012 these two organizations granted $100,000 annually, helping jump-start such preservation projects as Natrona County High School (Casper), the Sheridan Fairgrounds (Sheridan) and the Chimney Stabilization Project at the Heart Mountain Internment Camp (Powell). In spite of the success of the program, the State Historic Preservation Office’s funding was cut in January 2012, which meant the Historic Architecture Assistance Fund was cut in half. Concerned about this apparent backslide in historic preservation opportunities in Wyoming, the Alliance for Historic Wyoming applied for and received a Wyoming Cultural Trust Fund grant to help keep the program going.  A similar award to continue the Historic Architecture Assistance Fund program was received from the Wyoming Cultural Trust Fund in 2013.

grants awarded by ahw by year

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