Upcoming Events

Thank you for helping the Alliance for Historic Wyoming track and advertise all of the wonderful events that celebrate our historic spaces and places!  Please use the following form to submit information about the events in your community. 


The Alliance for Historic Wyoming believes that personal and hands-on engagement is the best way to experience history. Historic preservation is all about saving the things of the past - buildings, trails, monuments, etc. What better way to learn about them than to go see them for yourselves? Come with us on one of our Unbarred tours and see a historic place you've never seen before (and may not even have access to on your own!). Show support for your community and its history by taking part in a This Place Matters event. Learn more about the Carnegie library in your community by attending one of our free Cowboy Carnegies talks.

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Our UNBARRED events are a crucial link for connecting people to Wyoming’s historic places. These one-day events are tours of various historical sites and settings around the state, many off the beaten path, providing participants with the unique opportunity to see sites not normally open to the public or otherwise inaccessible.

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This Place Matters combines education, outreach, communications and fundraising to build capacity within Wyoming’s historic preservation community. As part of a This Place Matters event, the Alliance for Historic Wyoming offers educational workshops and training, formal and informal gatherings and heritage celebrations to engage the public and promote an enduring preservation ethic.



The Cowboy Carnegies campaign seeks to raise awareness of Wyoming’s Carnegie library buildings and promote their preservation and continued use. The exhibit travels to a new location every few months and is accompanied by a free public talk at each new location about the history of the libraries.