Course title: Field Examination and Diagnostics
Instructors: Michael Henry
Dates: August 13-16
Location: Grand Teton National Park
Course Description: Field Examination and Diagnostics covers the investigation step of the preservation process. How do we meaningfully observe buildings? How do we determine if there is a problem affecting the structure? How do we measure change over time in areas we suspect? This course teaches students the observational skills and problem-solving strategies necessary for understanding the causes of deterioration in historic resources. Rather than present prescriptive diagnostic answers to common issues, Field Examination and Diagnostics encourages students to work through observed problems in small groups and hypothesize what underlying conditions may be affecting the resource and why. Trainees will also have the opportunity to design options for measuring and monitoring condition, plan for potential impacts as a result of adaptive reuse, and acknowledge common biases when diagnosing buildings.
AIA CES Credits: 12 LSU
Course format: Instructor led face-to-face
Learning Objectives:
1: Practice diagnosing problems with buildings in the field.
2: Recognize common deterioration mechanisms and their underlying causes, and become familiar with typical deterioration patterns.
3: Design options for measuring and monitoring the condition of historic buildings.
4: Recognize and plan for potential impacts to historic buildings as a result of adaptive reuse.
Primary Point of Contact: Alliance for Historic Wyoming, 307.333.3508, ExecDirector@historicwyoming.org.
Cost for credits: $100