Rialto Soda Fountain

Join the Rialto Soda Fountain for $1.00 off all shakes, malts and old fashion cream sodas along with sharing the history and some of the tales and ghost stories we've heard over the past year.

The little shop in the Rialto Theater building has been part of Casper’s history since 1921, when it was called The New Lyric.

The first owner of the Rialto Cigar Store was Gus Panos, he opened in 1925, there was a soda fountain installed also.  The shop had a soda fountain, which in their day dotted every town in the country. The vast majority are gone, but the Rialto survives and is about to be revived.

Gus ran the store until 1938 when he had his son George Panos, take over. George ran it with his sons Dean and Ted Panos until 1981 when he sold it to Jim Crump, Jim ran it from 1981 through 2002 when Neil Rogers took it over.  Neil passed away in February of 2016. Vivian Meek and Rob Staffig-Piotter took it over in September of 2017 and spent the next eight months cleaning and remodeling. They wanted to bring back yesteryear, installing a 1926 Liquid soda fountain from Longmont Soda in CO, which was refurbished to replace the original fountain that was too far gone to repair.

 Rob and Vivian wanted to make Rialto Soda Fountain a family establishment sharing the history with our patrons. There were many unique items found during the remodel and have many of them on display in the shoppe.