Course title: Moisture Management in Historic Buildings
Instructors: Bill Turner (Turner Building Science & Design) and Carolyn Searls (Simpson, Gumpetz & Heger)
Dates: August 27-30
Location: Grand Teton National Park
Course Description: One of the leading causes of rapid deterioration in historic structures and new assemblies is water, as vapor, liquid, or in solid form.  This course starts with a review of building envelope, wall, and mechanical systems before moving on to moisture dynamics and the basics of air pressure, dew point, and relative humidity. Building on this foundation, the workshop will lead participants through evaluating the cause of suspected moisture damage; using vapor and air barriers; planning for potential moisture problems in adaptive reuse projects; and implementing moisture monitoring protocols. While this course is predominantly focused on moisture concerns found in the American West, participants are encouraged to bring moisture-related issues from their home regions for discussion and group problem solving. Students will also get a chance to participate in hands-on evaluations of White Grass Dude Ranch and Sky Ranch cabins using moisture meters, infrared thermometers, and humidity and dew point gauges.The course content includes the following HSW topics: Building Systems (structural); Environmental (weatherproofing, insulation); Occupant Comfort (air quality, ventilation); Materials and Methods (systems, products, finishes); and Preservation. Free lodging is provided in Grand Teton National Park.
AIA CES Credits: 24 HSW
Course format: Instructor led face-to-face
Learning Objectives:
1: Define moisture dynamics and the driving forces of wetting and the drying in various building materials, and the impact on overall systems.
2: Identify causes of moisture damage and design remedies.
3: Conduct field measurements of moisture and implement moisture monitoring protocols.
4: Learn about basic issues of vapor and air barriers and ventilation.
Primary Point of Contact: Alliance for Historic Wyoming, 307.333.3508, ExecDirector@historicwyoming.org.
Cost for credits: $250