Course title: Pre-Contact Masonry Preservation and Repair
Instructors: Frank Matero (University of Pennsylvania); Ian Hough (NPS); Erin Gearty (NPS)
Dates: September 24 - 28
Location: Flagstaff Area National Monuments
Course Description: Masonry structures require careful understanding of their materials, construction methods, conditions, and environment before any intervention is performed. This workshop will focus on pre-contact masonry in the American Southwest. The training will combine classroom and hands-on field work to give trainees an effective introduction to pre-contact masonry preservation, with special emphasis on preservation at archaeological sites. Conservation science topics covered in the classroom will include basic geology, stone and mortar characteristics, and common deterioration patterns. Working with experienced archaeologists, students will have opportunities to practice reading condition in the field and discuss when it is necessary to consult professional engineers or conservators. Professional craftspeople will lead field exercises working with mason’s tools to repoint mortar joints and stabilize courses.
AIA CES Credits: 24 LU
Course format: Instructor led face-to-face
Learning Objectives:
1: Learn the basic geology, stone and mortar characteristics of pre-contact masonry in the Southwest.
2: Learn the different construction techniques found in historic masonry construction.
3: Become familiar with common masonry deterioration mechanisms including environmental factors.
4: Practice common intervention techniques and understand where and when they are appropriate. 
Primary Point of Contact: Alliance for Historic Wyoming, 307.333.3508, ExecDirector@historicwyoming.org
Cost for credits: $150