UNBARRED: Kaycee, Wyoming - July 22nd, 2017


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AHW and Kaycee's Hoofprints of the Past Museum are hosting a tour of recently restored homestead structures at the Ullery Ranch and an afternoon open house at the museum on July 22. The morning tour of the ranch will begin at 10 AM. Sites toured will include Clara Ullery’s Cottage, circa 1915; chicken house, circa 1920; and horse barn, circa 1915. An on-site display on preserving old windows will be part of the tour, which will wrap up at noon. The tour group will travel seven miles from the Ullery ranch into Kaycee for a no-host lunch at the Invasion Café. An afternoon open house at the museum will feature Laurel Foster, museum director, who will give an overview of the museum collections and new installations. Mary Humstone, formerly of the University of Wyoming and the National Trust For Historic Preservation, will give a talk on “Barn Again,” a program capturing historic barn restorations across Wyoming, as well as a variety of preservation topics, including adaptive re-use of historic structures and Department of the Interior standards for listing on the National Register of Historic Places. Guests may tour the museum at their leisure until closing at 5:00 p.m.

Tickets are $25 for individuals or $40 for families. The no-host lunch is $10. Please call 307 333 3508 or email execdirector@historicwyoming.org with any questions.


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Directions to the Ullery Ranch:

The Ullery Ranch (26095 US Hwy 87) is about 7 miles north of Kaycee on US 87/State Hwy 196. If traveling south from Buffalo on I-25, take the Reno Road exit, turn right, and follow Reno Rd ½ mile west to US Highway 87/State 196. Turn left (south) and continue 5 miles through the I-25 underpass. At the third turnout on the left after the underpass, you will see an ancient horse trailer with a sign “Ullery-Whitaker.”  Turn left, and travel about ½ mile to 26095 (down in the cottonwood trees along Dry Creek).  If traveling north on I-25, take the Kaycee exit (254), turn right at the stop sign, then turn left (north) onto US 87/State 196. Continue 7 miles until you see the ancient horse trailer with sign “Ullery-Whitaker” on your right. Turn right and continue ½ mile to the ranch.

If traveling south from Buffalo:

*Take Reno Road exit from I-25

*Turn right on Reno Road (approximately ½ mile) to US87/196

*Turn left on US87/196 and travel about five miles south to underpass of I-25

*Continue past the underpass about ½ mile to the third left turn (east) marked by an ancient horse trailer with a sign “Ullery-Whitaker.” Travel east ½ mile to 26095

If traveling north on I-25:

*Kaycee exit (254) east to junction US87/196

*Turn left on 87/196, travel north 7 miles

*Turn right at 26095 (antique horse trailer with sign “Ullery-Whitaker”)

*Travel east ½ mile

Download a printable version: Directions to Ullery Ranch PDF